New Work and moving on..

Last night was our Art Walk/Open House at the art center. Two of the artists who had been there before me had their last show, and are moving on to new places. I too will be moving on to a new place, hopefully soon, as I am at the top of the list.. Last night felt strange in a way. I knew I was eventually going to be leaving and that (last night) could have been my last Art Walk at Studio Z.. Everyday at this point could be my last day… Since moving to the art center in Middletown quite a few people have come and gone. This is the way with artists. a gypsy soul keeps us restless and it’s hard to not keep moving in some way.. I am somewhat sad to leave, but excited to be starting something new..again. A little nervous even… and it is not like me to be nervous. But it is good I think to keep pushing myself. Good I think that we all push ourselves. Getting too comfortable in life makes it rough when the unexpected catches us off guard.

All day I have been working on small color field landscapes. I have seven of them in progress and finished one.. That’s a good start.

It may sound crazy but I think all those years when I was building Soivohle and not painting has prepared me to paint again. My approach and outlook now are completely different than before. I don’t want to say older and wiser, but definitely more confident and focused on what I want to do…

Checking In

Have not been here in a bit. Been working on the new Soivohle site and it is finished. New look, integrated social media, new shopping cart, the works. This should make things easier for me and everyone visiting the site. Check it out here

In other news, I am once again in search of studio space. Now that I am phasing out custom perfumery and the perfume shop I am ready to head back to downtown Cincinnati. It has been fun at the Middletown Art Center location, but the space is too small for my future needs, so I am on a waiting list for something new. It could take a few weeks or months. I will stay where I am until I can move.

In other, other news. I am building a nice new body of work.. It is not like the old days where all I did was paint, I now have to balance it with my business, but things are moving along. The work is starting to look more cohesive and I am falling into a good groove with the process.

Life really does move in a circle…

Blogging: Art Walk and Open house this Friday. I will be in the studio. Studio Z Liz Zorn Arts, check out the blog post for more info…

New paintings 2014: Liz Zorn Art originals.

Anonymous asked: Liz how can I get the RiverWalk perfume I emailed a week ago no reply. Thank you Bobby

I answered the last inquiry. Did you check the posts. Riverwalk is being added to the collection soon. Currently it is not available.